Multi-Robot exploration without Explicit Information Exchange


Ninad Jadhav, Meghna Behari, Robert Wood, and Stephanie Gil. In Preparation. “Multi-Robot exploration without Explicit Information Exchange.” In .
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We present a novel method to coordinate a team of multiple robots in a frontier-based exploration task that leverages wireless signals to retrieve relative positions, and weights information gain for different frontiers accordingly. Previous multi-robot frontier-based exploration methods depend on explicit information exchange amongst robots such as a shared global map or realtime position exchanges. We do not rely on explicit information exchange and instead use range and bearing extracted directly from wireless signals that allow robots to estimate relative positions of their neighbors within the team, even in non-line-of-sight scenarios. Our method shows that even without a centralized system, and without explicit information exchange, a team of multiple robots can coordinate exploration using these relative positions in order to minimize simultaneous overlap of their individual explored regions. We validate our proposed algorithm on real robots in cluttered 300m2 environment as well as in simulation. 
Last updated on 12/01/2022